Joining Us

We are currently recruiting swimmers who are at stage 6/7 or above.

We are a friendly club, with swimmers who love to compete and others that just like to train and be part of a club.   There is further information below from FAQs but why not contact us for more details and to arrange to come along to the pool for a trial with our Coaching Team.  


Who can join Heath Town Swimming Club

Anyone who has reached Swim England level 6/7 or equivalent can join the club for further coaching and swim training development.  If you haven’t been swimming under the Swim England system, level 7 roughly equates to being able to swim 25m in all 4 strokes (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Front Crawl). However, the best option is to contact us to discuss this in more detail and arrange a trial as we don’t expect 25 m to be at Olympic standard to join us!

 How often do you train?

This all depends on your ability and the squad that you are assigned to. We have swimmers who swim once a week and those who swim 3 times per week.  This will all depend on your ability/ future goals and can be discussed with your coach and our team manager who will advise further.

Sessions- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7.15 – 8.15 pm

How much does it cost?

Our fees are currently on a pay-as-you-swim basis and paid on the night by cash or card. The current fee is £5.00 per session (plus annual club and Swim England membership fees)

Club and Swim England fees are due after a swimmer’s 3rd attendance -£27

 Can I swim in galas?

We are a competitive swimming club, and our swimmers enjoy a wide variety of success with some swimmers moving to county swimming clubs.  We would love you to join in with that success and our training programs are tailored towards being able to compete in our friendly galas and club championships. However, if you feel that Galas are not your thing then you don’t have to compete; you will still be very welcome to join and swim with us at the club. 

I do lots of other activities, how will swimming fit in with those?

Swimming is a brilliant sport for enhancing performance in your other activities.  Play a woodwind or brass musical instrument?  Increase your lung function and capacity through your swimming where breathing techniques are developed and enhanced.  Football, Cricket, Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Hockey enthusiast? Swimming is a great complementary sport that will build strength and focus and maintain physical fitness during “off” seasons in other sports.

What Equipment do I need for training?

• Well-fitting goggles

• ‘Soft’ Plastic drinks bottles with water

• Swimming costume or swim trunks (no beach-type shorts)

• Swimming hats

• Mesh kit bag with Kickboard, pull buoy, and fins (speak to coach to see when you need fins)

Do I need to buy a club kit?

Swimming hats can be bought from the club desk.

The club kit is optional. If attending the Galas, we prefer swimmers to come in club colours. Club Kit including hoodies and T-Shirts can be ordered from our online kit provider Information is also available on the club kit tab of the website.

If you’re interested in joining email