Club Night Competitions

Results of the 8 years and under which took place on 22nd March 2018

Boys 1L Freestyle 1st Mason McKinnon 21.00 Record
2nd Harry Morris 21.38 PB
3rd Charlie Westwood 22.12
4th Oliver O’Reggio 23.22 PB
5th Freddie Box 23.22 PB
Girls 1L Freestyle 1st Hollie Ashbourne 29.80 PB
2nd Gabriele Lewis 30.43
3rd Gracie Harrigan 30.43 PB
4th Lily Pope 41.10 PB
Boys 1L Backstroke 1st Harry Morris 23.70 Record
2nd Charlie Westwood 23.98 PB
3rd Oliver O’Reggio 26.48
4th Mason McKinnon 29.98
Girls L Backstroke 1st Gracie Harrigan Sorry, timing
2nd Sophia McHugh went wrong
3rd Lily Pope on this race
4th Hollie Ashbourne
5th Gabrielle Lewis
6th Sophia Ryan